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Memorial Day - Noro Lim
the goal is soul.
Memorial Day
Rain tried very hard to interfere with our Memorial Day, and succeeded to some degree, as we did not get any work in the yard done and I didn't get to play with the pony. I got downright moody in the afternoon, as we had waited too long to go catch a movie, heavy thunderclouds were resting comfortably over our house and our long-anticipated grilling extravaganza was in jeopardy. At that point we decided to hell with it, let's go for a walk. About ten minutes after we left home the rain started, and just about the halfway point of our venture the skies opened up and dumped a torrent of rain onto our heads and into our shoes. We spent the rest of the walk ribbing each other and pointing out that we had now become the people that people like us laugh at when we catch bikers or runners out for a romp in a downpour, while simultaneously thinking the whole experience was actually kind of romantic, and snapped me out of my funk. By the time we got home we were soaked, and our poor dog, who had trooped gamely on with us even though she kept looking over her shoulder with serious doubt on her face, looked like she'd just gotten a bath. She acted like it too, and took a few sprints around the house once we'd toweled her off. I don't think I've played out in the rain since I was a teenager and routinely goofed off in the rain at the barn. Sometimes we stood outside in it to have a pointless conversation, just for the sake of being contrary.

To top it off, the rain cleared up right after and we had our grilling fiesta. Grilled steak, grilled veggies, and to top it off...SMORES. Chalk one up for the advertisers, as I felt like I had been inundated with in-store advertising and coupons that brainwashed me into needing smores, and fast. So there you have something else I haven't done in eons. Husband in fact was quite shocked to hear that I had camped as a kid. I mean, real camping. As in, a tent. And not a tent in a cabin or hotel room. I reminded him I used to be one hell of a Girl Scout, but I'm not sure he believed me.

Oh, and to really top it off? My boy Thorn Song pulled off a win in the Shoemaker Mile! I feel like a proud parent. I've been rooting for the guy since his win in the Shadwell Turf Mile at Keeneland last year, but he's been off the board in four tries. He gutted it out yesterday, though. Tough little sucker. Good boy!

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Hello there! Recently I've been trying to hunt down old BSB fanfic I had read and never got a chance to save. With the help of the Wayback Machine and some internet sleuthing, I am pretty sure you're the author of a few I was looking for.

The names of the stories in particular I was looking for are Nowhere To Run, If You Knew What I Knew, and The Legend. Most of the stories aren't actually available, even through the Wayback Machine - you can see the index pages but the individual chapters aren't archived.

Any chance they're hiding somewhere on the internet that I just haven't found? I can barely remember them, except to remember that I adored them, and I would really love the chance to experience them again.

If they are and you could let me know at earth.goddess.j@gmail.com it would mean a lot to me. Thanks!
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